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  • Self-Improvement Seminars

    Seminars are hour-long presentations that are designed to provide practical solutions and techniques for problems often seen in therapy. Appropriate for individuals or groups. Each series consists of three individual seminars and can be purchased individually or as a package for a discounted rate.

    Currently Available:

    Empowerment Series

    I. No Is A Complete Sentence

    Learn assertiveness skills that will help you say no and set healthy limits.

    II. Protect Your Peace

    Learn decision making skills that focus on cultivating a peaceful environment internally and externally.

    III. Change Your Chatter

    Learn to identify and change your negative and limiting self-talk that interferes with your confidence, productivity, and relationships.

    Self-Care Series

    I. F**k The Bubble Bath

    Learn the true definition of self-care and identify forms of self-care that actually work for you.

    II. Why "You're so nice" Isn't A Compliment

    Learn to recognize your people-pleasing behaviors and develop healthy boundaries.

    III. Count Your Own Sprinkles

    Learn to recognize how your patterns of comparison are toxic to your self-worth and develop tools to change this dangerous behavior.

    Older Adult Series

    I. The Not-So-Golden Years

    Learn whether or not your thoughts about aging are normal and know when it is time to seek professional help.

    II. Taking Care of Your Mental Health Later in Life

    Learn 6 ways to improve your mental wellness and create a life worth living.

    III. Don't Believe Everything You Think

    Learn scientifically proven techniques to gain control over and correct your self-defeating thoughts about aging, health, and death.

    Communication Skills Series

    I. The Assertiveness Continuum

    Learn the 3Cs of assertive communication and how to implement assertiveness in your daily life.

    II. Do You Hear Me?

    Learn to become a better communicator through active listening, absorbing, sharing, and understanding.

    III. Communicating Effectively in Relationships

    Learn 6 communication techniques that will improve your interpersonal and professional relationships.

    Fees for Self-Improvement Seminars

    Seminars are $1000.00 each (within 20 miles of Boca Raton, FL).

    Teleconference is available and, currently, recommended.

    10% discount is offered if an entire 3-part series is purchased.

    10% up-charge for locations 21-60 miles from Boca Raton, FL.

    25% up-charge for night and/or weekend scheduling.

    Please contact me for fees if your location is >60 miles from Boca Raton, FL.