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    Psychotherapy for Older Adults

    Do you feel like all the good times are in the past and that the golden years aren’t so golden? Are you facing unexpected changes and losses and you don’t know how to cope? Perhaps you experience health anxiety or death anxiety. Psychotherapy can help you process and manage those feelings, find solutions, and identify new perspectives.

    Psychotherapy can help with:

    – New or recurring mental difficulties including depression and anxiety.

    – Coping with loss or anticipatory grief.

    -Adjusting to changes related to aging including lack of structure and/or purpose post retirement, chronic illness, and physical limitations.

    – Caregiver support including education and emotional support, preparing for expected changes and loss, and identifying ways to care for yourself and avoid caregiver burnout.

    Telehealth available for eligible patients.

    If you’re ready for some relief from your struggles, contact me now to inquire about availability and to see if we’re a good fit for one another.