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    Psychotherapy for Depression and Anxiety

    Do you struggle with depression and/or anxiety? Perhaps you’re not even sure what to call “it,” but you know that you don’t like the way you feel. Do you get into “funks” and don’t know how to get out of them? Do you find yourself focused on the what-ifs and the worst case scenario? Perhaps you struggle with low motivation, low self-worth, and have difficulties controlling negative and worrisome thoughts. Psychotherapy can help you better understand your thoughts and feelings and learn ways to cope with, and possibly eliminate, depression and anxiety.

    Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is an interactive, goal-oriented form of talk therapy that teaches you to recognize and correct problematic thought patterns that cause or exacerbate depression, anxiety, and other sources of emotional distress. You may also learn new strategies to aid with decision-making, problem-solving, conflict resolution, boundary setting, and prioritizing self-care.

    Telehealth is available for eligible patients.

    If you’re ready to work on your depression and anxiety, contact me now to inquire about availability and see if we’re a good fit for one another.