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  • Speaking Engagements & Exclusive Masterclasses

    Dr. Pedroche is available for speaking engagements both in-person and virtually. Her professional speaking engagements focus on empirically validated strategies to improve mental wellbeing.

    Exclusive masterclasses are structured, educational, self-improvement classes designed and taught by Dr. Beverly Pedroche. These live classes are appropriate for individuals or small groups and can individualized, to some extent, to your specific situation. Masterclasses are designed to provide information along with practical and actionable techniques for problems often seen in therapy.*

    *Classes are not a substitute for treatment and are best used in conjunction with psychotherapy. Courses are solely for educational and informational purposes. Courses do not provide a diagnosis and do not service as treatment or psychotherapy. Participation in a masterclass does not establish a doctor-patient relationship.

    Masterclasses Currently Available:

    (March and April 2024 Classes Are Fully Booked.

    May and June 2024 Very Limited Availability)

    No Is a Complete Sentence

    - Do you have a hard time saying no to the requests of others?

    - Do you struggle to prioritize self-care or doing for yourself because you're always doing for others?

    - Are you burned out, exhausted or resentful towards others who always seem to ask for your help?

    You will come away from this class with a new perspective of boundaries and you will be provided with actionable assertiveness skills that will help you say no and set healthy limits.

    F**k The Bubble Bath

    - Do you feel like you need to do a better job at prioritizing self-care, but you're not even sure that that means or looks like?

    - Are you having a hard time finding self-activities that are affordable or that you want as a consistent part of your life?

    - Do you struggle to balance ambition and self-care?

    This class will help you learn the true definition of self-care and identify forms of self-care that will actually work for you allowing you to be the most healthy, content, productive version of yourself.    


    The Not-So-Golden Years

    - Are you unsure whether or not your thoughts and feelings about aging, health, and death are normal?

    - Are you considering seeing a mental health professional, but you're not sure if they can help?

    - Do you want to create a life worth living, but you don't know where to start?

    From this class you will learn whether or not your thoughts related to aging are typical, if working with a mental health professional might be beneficial for you, and you'll be provided with tools to improve your mental wellness.

    Change Your Chatter

    - Has someone suggested that Cognitive Behavioral Therapy might be helpful to you but you don't understand the premise?

    - Is your glass-half-empty mindset problematic to your mental health and other areas of your life?

    - Do your thoughts take you down a dark rabbit hole and you don't know how to control them?

    This class will teach you about the most common cognitive distortions and will provide you with specific techniques to correct your limiting self-talk that interferes with your mental health, confidence,  and relationships.

    In The Workplace

    “In The Workplace” are structured, educational, self-improvement lectures designed and presented by Dr. Beverly Pedroche. These engaging lectures are live, designed for groups, and can be individualized, to some extent.  They are designed to provide information along with practical and actionable techniques for problems often seen in the workplace.

    Currently Available:

    (March and April 2024  Are Fully Booked.

    May and June 2024 Very Limited Availability)

    Mental Wellness In The Workplace

    - Learn strategies to manage stress and mental health issues.

    - Increase productivity, morale, and resilience.

    - Decrease absenteeism, burnout, and turnover.

    - Create a safe space within your company, team, social circle where mental health isn't a taboo topic.

    - Shift to a mindset of thriving, not just surviving.

    Assertiveness In The Workplace

    - Communicate confidently and directly while remaining fair and respectful.

    - Minimize conflict, respond to difficult situations, and resolve disagreements appropriately.

    - Reduce physical tension, manage stress, and decrease the likelihood of burnout.

    - Work together as a team more efficiently and effectively.

    - Boost job satisfaction.


    How do I attend?

    For your convenience, speaking engagements and Masterclasses are offered both via teleconference and live. 

    I’d like to invite my friends. How many people can attend?

    Exclusive Masterclasses are capped at a total of 3 participants so that there is ample time for some individualization of content and for Q&A after the presentation. Speaking Engagements and “In The Workplace” Lectures are appropriate for large groups. Contact us for details.

    How long do Speaking Engagements, Exclusive Masterclasses, and “In The Workplace” Lectures last?

    Approximately 90 minutes with 60 minutes being the presentation and 30 minutes reserved for Q&A.

    Is this therapy? I already have a therapist.

    Absolutely not and great! These classes and lectures are for educational, informational purposes only. Participants are encouraged to take the information learned with them to their therapy sessions to further hone the skills and improve insight on the specific topic.

    I am interested in a mental health-related topic but it’s not on your list. Can you help?

    Possibly. Submit your topic idea to us and we’ll see if we can make it happen!

    It’s just what I need! How do I sign up?

    YAY! Contact us for an application. Your application will be reviewed and responded to within 1 week.

    What’s the cost?

    Contact us for information regarding cost.